European 50+ IC (Innovative Coaching) project

The main objective of the European 50+ IC project is to create innovative ways of supporting people aged 50+, by analyzing their professional skills and work motivation, and searching for alternatives to redefine their professional career.

Central College Nottingham


UK – UNITED KINGDOM: Vocational training centre or organisation (EDU-VET)

CCN is one of the East Midlands largest regional ‘demand led’, employer responsive vocational training providers including coaching and mentoring training programmes. We have a distinct division ‘CCN Training’ delivering the curriculum for business in a wide variety of sectors covering healthcare to automotive manufacturing. In the 09/10 academic year they delivered an 85% Overall Success Rate (Retention% X Achievement %) a performance regarded as ‘Outstanding’ by all external auditors including Ofsted.

CCN works with 2,000+ businesses every year of these just over 95% are SME’s, over 98% of these organisations have employees over the age of 50. Many report that barriers to training the more mature employee exist hence our wish to be involved in the project. CCN also work with employee representatives ‘Trade Unions’, project activity would benefit all concerned.
CCN has the contacts, UK networks to involve potential beneficiaries of the project be these employees/employers.


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