European 50+ IC (Innovative Coaching) project

The main objective of the European 50+ IC project is to create innovative ways of supporting people aged 50+, by analyzing their professional skills and work motivation, and searching for alternatives to redefine their professional career.


The elaboration of a new training for coaches, focused on the specific target group of employees 50+ is realised in different phases:

The first phase has the aim to inventorise the employment situation for 50+ employees in the different countries of the consortium. The activities in this phase are:

- An analysis of the labour market for 50+ in the different countries in the consortium;

- Interviewing 10 SME’s in each country questioning on the policies concerning employment of 50+ employees in the SME’s;

- Collect all the data into a research report which is published on the website.

The second phase is aimed at implementing new training for coaches in the countries involved. This is done by testing the curriculum and sharing problems and best practices. The development of the training is the core of the project and involves the following activities:

- Inventorising the new tendencies in HR management which are prevalent in all countries (eg solution focused coaching, job crafting, …);

- Develop a competency matrix for the project based on the ECVET system;

- Discuss the necessary elements to be included in the training in order to develop the competences mentioned in the matrix;

- Testing out the training in the different countries and adapting it to the country specific contexts;

- Benchmark the results of the training and develop a European model;

- Formalise the model in the ECVET system;

- Finalise the training and disseminate this to all relevant partners and networks.

This phase refers to communication activities aimed at enlarging the impact of the project both at local/national level, and at European level in order to contribute to the mobility of trainers. The following activities are developed:

- Territorial and national networking for sustainable project development;

- Result and best practices about the European curriculum dissemination at European level through a Virtual Community.

- Partners will disseminate results both internally (within their organisation) and domestically externally through making results available to relevant stakeholders.

A threefold evaluation is foreseen:

- A progress report for the first period (Dec 2012 – Dec 2013)

- A process report covering the entire process

- An evaluation report focused on the training and evaluating the interaction between the training and the ECVET matrix



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