European 50+ IC (Innovative Coaching) project

The main objective of the European 50+ IC project is to create innovative ways of supporting people aged 50+, by analyzing their professional skills and work motivation, and searching for alternatives to redefine their professional career.

ITSC – Institute for Training, Studies and Research

7RO – ROMANIA: Adult education provider (EDU-ADLT)

Research training and coaching institute for SMES
- Representing members, private entrepreneurs and their associations and foundations in relation with all local, county, regional and national European and international institutions .
- Promotion and protection of members and their interests in relation with third parties
- Promoting training, sustainable development and competitiveness of their members
- Research and training at local, county, regional and national level
- Organization directly or in partnership of various courses, training, education courses, continuous education of adults
- Training of trainers with appropriate skills and training required by courses organized by other members of their organisations
- Editing of publications of interests to members in any form permitted by law
- Organization directly or in partnership in their own name or on behalf of members by seminars, workshops, congresses

The partner will be involved in the networking and dissemination activities in order to spread at local, national and international level the results and best practices about the tool implementation. ITSC will carry out the following activities:
• Adapting and testing of the tool
• Participation to the Management Project Team
• Participation to the definition of the new model and best practices
• Dissemination of result and best practices about the European model.


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