European 50+ IC (Innovative Coaching) project

The main objective of the European 50+ IC project is to create innovative ways of supporting people aged 50+, by analyzing their professional skills and work motivation, and searching for alternatives to redefine their professional career.

EUROMASC – European Masters of Skilled Craft Ltd

5NO – NORWAY: Consultancy (CONS-CNST)

EUROMASC is a consultancy with experience and competences from a longtime cooperation with international organisations
within the VET sectors in managing and monitoring projects.
Main areas are:
- EU projects under the umbrella of Leonardo da Vinci and LLP, primarily at the post-secondary/tertiary level – exemplified as Mester/Meister/Master of Skilled Craft,
Mobility measures relating to VET and corresponding sectors,
Europass and transparency questions,
ECVET and EQF initiatives across Europe,
Quality in mobility actions / Best practices,
EU/ECVET and Leonardo Thematic Monitoring Group on Transparency, ECVET and validation and accreditation of skills and
competences (TG4), and on Skills in companies (TG2)
EEA Financial Mechanisms (”Norwegian structural funds” for new EU member states) – VET and development of human
UNESCO/UNEVOC actions, networks and initiatives
Multilateral monitoring and management of projects


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